"Groove is in the Heart" Recital 2020


JWSD Recitals - Basic Information

A dance recital is a special event and takes much preparation and planning. Classes that participate will learn a routine, order a recital costume, and work together as a team. Communication with your teacher about whether you plan to participate in the recital is very important and should be discussed as early as possible. Each studio location will perform separately, be sure to attend the correct recital!

The recital this year will be on June 27th

Recital Fees

We charge a one time fee of $150 for all recital related fees, including  the rental of the facility, the technical staff for the dress rehearsal and recital, costumes, accessories, recital t-shirt, and professional digital videography of the recital on December 1st. This fee is non-refundable following commitment to perform. For additional performing siblings, the recital fee is lowered to $125 for the first and $100 for the second. For additional dances per performer, you will only be charged $50 for the second costume.  

For those registering after the payment date of Dec. 1st, let your teacher know as soon as possible if you intend your child to perform as costume orders take time and performance formations need to be set early! If you are not planning on having your dancer perform but would like to be included in the costume order, let your teacher know and you will be charged only the $65 costume fee.

Costume, Hair, and Stage Makeup

Makeup is needed because of the bright lighting of the stage, not for beauty purposes. We recommend bright lipstick in rose or red, a bright berry cheek color, golden brown eye shadow shades, black eyeliner (optional) and black waterproof mascara (optional).

For ivory skin tones we suggest a foundation shade or powder that is one shade darker than the performer’s natural color. Our goal is that dancers faces are bright and visible on stage for the performance and the video, and are not “washed out” as tends to happen with bare faces. Stage makeup kits may be available for purchase. 

There will be class days of measurement, fitting, and distribution of costumes. Costumes are intended to match, so be sure to carefully guard all accessories and protect costumes by keeping them out of tiny hands until the in class dress rehearsal, the staged rehearsal on June 6th, and the recital on June 7th. As per the usual classroom standard, no underwear is to be worn with the dance costumes and a coverup is required over the costume to protect it. Dancers should wear outside shoes until they are backstage, and only bring the dance shoes required for the recital. Please label everything with your dancers name so that if anything is lost or accidentally swapped with another dancer, your items can be more easily returned to you. 

Hair for the dress rehearsal and recital should be pulled back neatly away from the face with gel, hairspray, and bobby pins in the hairstyle required by your dance teacher. Make sure any hair accessories are well secured on the correct part of your dancers up-do. 

Dress Rehearsal and Recital

Be sure that your dancer arrives to the dress rehearsal and the recital completely in costume with all accessories, makeup, and hairstyles. Dancers are to arrive and depart in a cover-up with outside shoes. Be sure to bring the required dance shoes in a large labeled zip-lock bag. Performers should also bring a labeled water-bottle with a sip lid. If someone forgets an accessory the entire class must remove that accessory so it is important to be organized for the team. We also ask that dancers do not bring extra items as they may get lost. Arrive 30 minutes prior to your rehearsal and recital times - if you miss your dancers rehearsal time, they will not perform! For the dress rehearsal your dancer will be dismissed after their class has finished rehearsing. For the recital all dancers will be dismissed after the end of the show. Please do not attempt to remove your child early from either the dress rehearsal or recital, as not every teacher and/or company member knows you and we do not make a habit of letting strangers walk away with our dancers!