The Groove is in the Heart

JWSD Recital 2020

Dates and Fees

Our JWSD dance recital will be held on Sunday, June 7th, 2020.

The required dress rehearsal is the day before, on Saturday, June 6th, 2020.

A dance recital is a special event and takes much preparation and planning. Classes that participate will learn a routine, order a recital costume, and work together as a team. Communication with your teacher about whether you plan to participate in the recital is very important and should be discussed as early as possible.

The recital fee is $150 per dancer and is due December 1st, 2019. It includes one costume with accessories, the recital t-shirt, and a professional digital recording of the dance recital. This fee also pays for the venue rental, staff, and recital expenses. This fee is non-refundable following commitment to perform.

Important things you need to know:

1. Due to the bright lighting in a full theater, dancers will need to wear stage make-up.

2. Although most members of a class choose to participate in the dance recital, it is not required.

3. A dance recital is a commitment and each performing class is a team.

4. The required dress rehearsal is mandatory and every dancer must be in attendance to perform in the dance recital without exception.

5. A cover-up must be worn upon arrival and departure from the venue for the dress rehearsal and recital.

Classes that do not participate in the JWSD dance recital are:

  • Technique Level classes
  • Acro-dance classes
  • Teen/Adult classes
  • Classes age 1-3
  • Classes age 2-3
  • Classes age 3-4

June 6&7

Dress Rehearsal June 6th

Recital June 7th, 2020