What to wear?

Ballet/Tap/Tumbling or Ballet/Tap/Jazz Classes

Children in ballet leotards dance studio Austin Texas

 Any kind of dance wear. This can be a leotard, dance skirt (optional), leggings, fitted camisole top, leotard with skirt, biketard, unitard with tights or thin socks and ballet and tap shoes. We suggest transitional tights but if taking jazz, transitional tights are required so that dancers can dance bare-footed.

Ballet Technique Class

child ballerina in tutu dance class Austin Texas

 Black leotard, ballet pink transitional tights, hair in a bun. Split sole ballet shoes (leather or canvas)


Teens in hip hop costumes dance studio Austin Texas

Athletic wear or dance-wear and athletic shoes, combat boots, or sneakers


Gymnastics Acro-dance front walk over dance Studio Austin Texas

 Any dance or yoga-wear or athletic shorts and a fitted t-shirt or camisole top. Bare-footed for this class

Jazz Class

Jazz dance ballerina studio classes Austin Texas

Leotard, camisole dance top, dance shorts, leggings or tights. Most dancers go barefooted for Jazz class.


Tap dance purple costumes dance studio Austin Texas

Any dance or athletic wear. Tap shoes