Dress Rehearsal Schedule June 15th, 2018

JWSD Dress Rehearsal Schedule June 15th, 2018

Life Austin Amphitheater at 8901 Highway 71 West.  Austin, Texas 78735

Thank you dancers, teachers and parents for all of your commitment, hard work and dedication. A dance recital is a BIG DEAL and just like a wedding it takes a lot of planning and preparation. Our kids are worth all the effort for sure!!

This dress rehearsal is the one required rehearsal of the session and attendance is mandatory without exception. 

Group 1- ARRIVAL TIME 3pm

Practice time 3:30-4:00pm

        “Good Ship Lollipop”  class Ms. Carolyn

         “Getting to Know You”  class Ms. Carolyn

         “Stayin Alive”  class Ms. Cheyenne/Ms. Amy

 Group 2- ARRIVAL TIME 3:30pm

Practice Time 4:00-4:45

      “The Climb”  class Ms. Mara

       “Sunny Afternoon”  class Ms. Kristy

       “Wild Thing” class Ms. Cheyenne/Ms. Amy

       “Holiday” class Ms. Anna

 Group 3- ARRIVAL TIME 4:15pm


   “Moana” class Ms. Jaycie

   “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”  class Ms. Jaycie/Ms. Mara

    “You Are My Sunshine”  class Ms. Mara

    “In Summer” class Ms. Cheyenne/Ms. Amy

 Group 4-ARRIVAL TIME 5pm


  “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” class Ms. Cheyenne/Ms. Amy

 “All Shook Up”  class Ms. Carolyn/Ms. Ciceley

 “California Kids”  class Ms. Jaycie/Mr. Payton

 “Summertime”  class Mr. Payton/Ms. Jaycie

 Group 5- ARRIVAL TIME 5:45pm


  “Surf City”  class Ms. Mara

 “Cheap Sunglasses” class Ms. Mara

“We’re not Gonna Take It” class Ms. Anna

 “Holiday Road”  class Ms. Anna

 “Should I Stay or Should I go” class Ms. Cheyenne/Ms. Amy 

Group 6- ARRIVAL TIME 6:45pm


“Cruel Summer” class  Ms. Anna

“Get it Started/Hot In Herre”  class Mr. Payton/Ms. Jaycie

 “Stronger”  class Ms. Jaycie/Mr. Payton